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Parrucchieri Capelli : The site contains all the information and news about the latest trends in hair fashion. Contains thousands of new cuts, hairdressing, styling and color suggestions wedding hairstyles. The best products to use for taking care of hair with the pi ù new treatments available in the lounges of top stylists. In terms of hair trends for next spring-summer, no doubt about it, the latest trend dictated by the authoritative hairdressers the world\'s premier ù pi speak for themselves in terms of colors, cuts and hairstyles to follow to have a glamorous and fashionable head. Here are all the tips to follow for hair Trends 2015 and finally put my head in place! In terms of trends, compact, warm colors are back and tone on tone. Shatush becomes less noticeable and leaves more space to ù always nuanced technique but with a balayage effect much more natural ù. Colors range from light brown to gold until it touches the reds pi ù warm and bright. Stay alive on bronde, which landed last year in the salons of pi ù important, defends very well its nuance. You make very short bobs space for a return to the years \' 80, well then the pixie cut and short cuts that outline the face accentuating a safe and fun à femininity. Cut fringes unkempt, rebellious and shades beach style characterize an independent woman and at the same time very sensual. Medium lengths too good for those who just do not have the courage to cut it out. The hairstyles are soft and take refuge in low ponytails with Tufts free and sparkling wines. This è the time of the waves of curly hair and braids cheeky including Center lines also appear perfectly round and softened by sinuous strands outlined.

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Parrucchieri Capelli - Hairdressers hair health care in the salons of beauty and aesthetics, with hair style for fashion photos and sales of hair-hair care products.

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20 Apr 18

Farmaca Gold Award 2018 PalaRiccione

Il prossimo 22 e 23 aprile Fargetta e Albertino di Radio Deejay ti aspettano al Pala Riccione dove si svolgerà lo straordinario show organizzato da FARMACA INTERNATIONAL, in occasione dei Gold Award 2018.

Le due giornate saranno una full immersion nel mondo dell'hairfashion con le anticipazioni moda autunno-inverno 2018. Tutti gli stilisti FARMACA INTERNATIONAL saliranno in pedana per presentare le nuove collezioni.

L'evento si aprirà domenica 22 Aprile con il Creative Show e la Cena di Gala seguita dal dj set di Fargetta e Albertino direttamente da Radio Deejay per scatenarsi tutta la notte!

Lunedì 23 Aprile si terranno gli show tecnici a tema thriller, comedy, fantasy, adventure e romantic presentati da Petra Loreggian di RDS.

Farmaca Pala Riccione Party


20 Apr 18

Eric Sammartano & Laurent Legal


Collection: Scoubidou
Ph: Daniel Pister
Make-up: Lisa Wilhelm


20 Apr 18

Maria-Rosa Salemi


Warm shades are in vogue. The effect that inspired this collection is Depth: the darker root, which harmonizes with the brighter lengths, makes it possible to illuminate their faces and bring relief to the different hairstyles made. The golden blonde dominates one, while it brings a touch of light in others.

Collection: Depth Gold
Ph: Daniel Pister
Make-up: Lisa Wilhelm


20 Apr 18

Brandon Messinger


This collection aims to define contrasting personalities, attitudes and emotions through shapes, textures and mood lighting. Each look defines a personality and emotion with individual images reflecting a combination of confidence, serenity, femininity and strength.

Collection: Dichotomy
Ph: Russ Kemp
Make-up: Erika Ra


19 Apr 18


CPM, azienda di Pieve Porto Morone (Pavia) produttrice di articoli monouso per estetica e parrucchieri,
ti invita a scaricare la sua 

Ora disponibile su App Store e Play Store.

L’applicazione per leggere tutti i giorni le ultime novità del fashion.

Da oggi è inoltre possibile scoprire direttamente dall'App maggiori informazioni sui prodotti CPM e richiedere la visita di un rappresentante.




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