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Parrucchieri : The site contains all the information and news about the latest hair fashion trends. It contains thousands of new cuts, color proposals from hairdressers, styling and wedding hairstyles. The best products to use to take care of the hair with the most new treatments available in the salons of top hairdressers. When it comes to hair trends for the coming spring-summer, the latest trends dictated by the most important hairdressers in the world speak clearly in the way of colors, cuts and hairstyles to follow to have a glamorous head and the latest fashion. Here are all the tips to follow for hair trends 2015 and finally put your head in place! In terms of hair trends, the compact, warm colors and tone on tone are back. The shatush becomes less noticeable and leaves more and more space to the balayage a technique always nuanced but with a much more natural effect. Colors range from brown to golden to warmer and brighter reds. The bronde, which landed last year in the salons of the most important hairdressers, still remains alive, defending its shades very well. Very short helmets are made for a return to the 80s, so well the pixie cut and the very short cuts that outline the face accentuating a confident and jaunty femininity. Dishevelled cuts, rebellious bangs and beach style shades characterize an independent woman and at the same time very sensual. Well also the average lengths for those who just do not have the courage to give us a cut. The hairstyles become soft and take refuge in low ponytails with free and sparkling tufts. It's time for the waves of curly hair and jaunty braids, including perfectly outlined central stripes that are then played down by curvy, round locks.

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18 Nov 19
Ashley Gamble

Elements, was inspired by the changing seasons and the vibrant, eclectic tones within nature. It finalised in HJ’s British Hairdressing Awards for Schwarzkopf Professional British Colour Technician of the Year and has awarded Ashley and –Stephanie front covers and social media coverage across the globe.

Hair: Stephanie and Ashley Gamble
Ph: Richard Miles
Stylist: Ashley Gamble  


15 Nov 19

Clicca qui e Guarda lo Sfogliabile

15 Nov 19

Hairstylist: Angelo di Pasca per Saccucci's Master Class
Ph: Patrizio Gentile, Kobe Thinh Nguyen, Escalante.
Make up : Oristano Guevara, Sophia Chau Hoang


14 Nov 19

Clicca qui e guarda il video

EGIDIO BORRI, noto hairstylist creativo e spontaneo, proprietario di moltissimi saloni in Toscana ti invita nel nuovo salone, SABRINA BY EGIDIO in via Roma 9, a San Giovanni Valdarno (AREZZO)

Location moderna con uno stile originale ed elegante, è il nuovo salone di Egidio Borri e Sabrina Citroni!

L’estro artistico dei due soci si percepisce subito all’ingresso del bellissimo salone, dove si può notare la cura nei dettagli e l’originalità nella scelta del design.

Cambi di look, cura del capello e tagli di tendenza sono l’ordine del giorno per i due artisti Egidio e Sabrina che grazie alle apparecchiature di ultima generazione e prodotti di alto livello garantiscono alle clienti un risultato finale strabiliante e sempre al passo con i tempi.

Leggi anche: “Inaugurazione del nuovo salone SABRINA by EGIDIO

14 Nov 19

Tra gli acconciatori più influenti nel panorama italiano e i giovani
under 28, che si stanno affacciando per la prima volta al grande pubblico, sono stati scelte le 3 migliori proposte per ciascuna categoria.








Alessandro Barca, Alessandro Bonetto, Daniele Gnisci, Giovanna Smriglio, Lorenzo Rilli, Matteo De Vita, Mattia Pongolini, Nicola Gepponi, Thomas Dughiero, Alessandro Bonetto, Francesco Bottone, Federico Lucchese, Gianluca Gulino, Giovanni Napolitano, Giacomo Pettirossi, Valerio Federico, Vito Lacialamella, Alessandro Barca, Daniel Maltoni, Gianluca Grechi, Matteo Susini, Giancarlo Rodia, Lorenzo Marchelle, Silvio Luciani, Valerio Moggiani, Fabio Di Gennaro, Giuseppina Morgillo, Ida Ortolani, Luigi Martini, Mirco Bretta, Matteo De Vita, Mayla Fabbriciani, Marco Iafrate, Simone Bernardo, Salvatore De Maria, Simone Prati, Vincenzo Ragusa, Andrea Garofalo, Ida Ortolani, Ilaria Spinello, Mirco Bretta, Mirko Schioppa, Simone Minella, Salvatore De Maria, Fulvio Furcas, Gianluca Grechi, Giancarlo Rodia.

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